High Quality Wines of Sardinia

Sardinia and wine, an enduring bond, with origins in the Nuraghic era, if not earlier. Recent studies of findings in Nuraghic archeological sites suggest the fascinating idea that wine-making activity was already underway as long ago as that. Other studies define the important role of Sardinia in the domestication of wild grapevines, aided by peoples who brought their own oenological skills to the island. The grapevine is an integral featu re of the Sardinian landscape. It is to be found almost everywhere, from the fertile plains near the sea to the hills, as well as in interior zones, where winemaking is often magically linked to age-old traditions. Viticulture has long occupied an important role in the Sardinian agricultural economy. The unique oenological and territorial characteristics of this region allow for an intensive viticulture, characterised by a high quality oenological production which reaches a high standard of excellence in favoured zones. Used at first as a barter commodity, wine later became a commercial product in its own right. Over time, it developed into a messenger of culture and civility for so many peoples, and on our island, the ancient link between man and wine has lasted for uncountable centuries. It is almost certain that the Vitis Vinifera, like the olive, is an indigenous Sardinian wild plant, so much so that peoples in arrival carried neither stock not branches, but the art of grafting, as well as techniques for the production and conservation of wine.

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