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Quinta de S. Caetano

Ponta Delgada|Matriz)|São Miguel

Quinta de Sao Caetano, situated 6 km from Ponta Delgada and 0.5 km from the beach of Pópulo inserted and protected by a lush forest of eucalyptus, acacia and incense.

Built in the year 1875, as "Quinta" has undergone several architectural changes over the years, maintaining the characteristics of rural architecture in the region practiced in the final quarter of the century past.

The group formed by the House itself and " Casa do Caseiro" gives a stamp of architecture of that era.

With the new implementation of the current construction works in the kitchen and the surrounding areas, take a less traditional volumetry, giving the whole place in a more contemporary image.

Today, Quinta de São Caetano is not more than the guarantee of comfort and relaxation.

Awakening to the sound of birds, the lawn and garden with flowers of the season, on the outskirts of almost all dependencies as well as the surroundings of our forest, gives a special charm to those who choose us.

Quinta de Sao Caetano has 4 rooms, very comfortable, all with private bathrooms one of which belongs to the "Casa do Caseiro", equipped with kitchen and living room.

The decor in English style, from the time of the orange, late nineteenth century.

The breakfast if you choose this mode is to combine the time served in the dining room or terrace in accordance with the wishes of the guests or weather conditions.

Guests also have, at the Motherhouse at his disposal the living room shared by 3 rooms, with the possibility of Internet connection.

quinta de s caetano

Address:Rua de S Caetano, 38

9500-613  Ponta Delgada

phone and fax



Casa dos Barcos

Furnas|Povoação|São Miguel

This is the old boathouse, Casa dos Barcos is situated on property that dates back to the middle of the 19th century, built by José do Canto, an aristocrat on the island, who, in 1814, married a rich heiress, Maria Guilhermina Taveira Brum da Silveira.

He started by purchasing plots of land, and reached the figure of 600ha. He commissioned several projects for the whole area that came from important European cities such as London and Paris, leaving the place with a legacy of great architectural and botanical value.

Despite being reduced to 100ha, the property can be admired from several different points of interest.  

The gardened area, Mata-Jardim, represents an important scenic and botanical legacy for the region.

These are all features that give the area a cinema world atmosphere, filled with a mixture of nature and human intervention, capable of providing some unforgettable moments.

The Casa dos Barcos includes  two comfortable suites  sleeping two people (bedroom, sitting room and bathroom), one on the ground floor with a fantastic panoramic view of the lake and the second on the top floor, overlooking the Chapel. Suites:

Double bed and wardrobe ,Towel radiator ,Hair dryer (by prior booking),Change of sheets once a week

Central heating ,Telephone and Internet ,

On the ground floor, you will find the  lounge,  which has been carefully created for your moments of relaxation, with a television, telephone and Internet.

The kitchen, which is fully equipped, and an independent bathroom.

Upstairs, as well as the Suite, you will discover a  games room.

The whole house comes with  central heating,  ensuring a very comfortable stay throughout the winter.

In order to enjoy a lovely family holiday, Casa dos Barcos offers you the possibility of  extra beds.

casa dos barcos sao miguel

Address:Margem Sul da Lagoa das Furnas. Prédio José do Canto

9675-090  Furnas


phone and fax351 296 285 895| 968 039 165



Aldeia da Cuada

Lajes das Flores|Flores

In the Flores Island, Europe’s most western point, on a plateau hanging over the ocean, Aldeia da Cuada is a secret place where nature still keeps its mysteries.

Abandoned in the '60s, when its inhabitants emigrated to the Americas, the Aldeia was restored by Teotónia and Carlos Silva, who wisely knew how to establish the connection between the hard rustic style of the past and the modern comfort needs of the present when renovating the rural design of the old stone houses.

Unhurried, enjoy the sound of birds and the scent of dry hay, fresh grass and laurels with the sweet perfume of the flowers.

In a world where scenery takes the breath away, peacefulness will be your most faithful companion.

Search no further. Paradise is here.


Casa da Esméria (2 places): 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Palheiro do Pimentel (2 places): 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Casa das Heras (2 places): 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Palheiro da Fátima (2 places): 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Palheiro da Quinta (2 places): 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Casa da Luciana (2 places): 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Palheiro do Fagundes (2 places): 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Casa da Fátima II (4 places): 1 twin room, 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Casa da Fátima I (4 places): 1 twin room, 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Caso do José Maria (4 places): 1 twin room, 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Casa do Antonino (4 places): 1 twin room, 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Casa do Fagundes (4 places): 1 twin room, 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Casa do Vinho (4 places): 1 twin room, 1 double room, 1 bathroom, 1 WC

Casa do Baigora (12 places): 2 twin rooms, 4 double rooms, 4 bathrooms, 4 WCs

Casa da Maria José (8 places): 2 twin rooms, 2 double rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 WCs

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Vegetable garden,  Terrace,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Hi-fi,  Microwave,  Heating,  Television in the rooms,  Kitchen,  Fireplace,  Television,  Lounge,  Rooms with phone,  Fireplace inside the room.

Services: Internet access,  (public) Restaurant,  Laundry service,  Guided walks,  Breakfast available,  Bike rental,  Cot available,  Information about the area,  Lunch service,  Dinner service,  Local products on sale,  Farm activities,  free WiFi access,  Ecological accreditation.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Mountains,  Tarmac entrance,  Isolated area,  Outside the village,  Signposted,  Access by public transport.

Aldeia da Cuada

Address:9960-070  Lajes das Flores


phone and fax351 292 590 040



A Quinta

Rabo de Peixe|Ribeira Grande|São Miguel

Once a wine-producing property and summer house of a typical Azorean family, "A Quinta" is located on the north shore of São Miguel.

Its main house was built in the 19th century and, in the beginning of the 1900's, the basalt stone house, the garden and the aqueduct were added. Besides the grapes,bananas and oranges were also grown in the property.

After 30 years, "A Quinta" was restored for tourism, and has three independent houses surrounded by a relaxing rural environment, stunning views and a lot of fresh air.

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Vegetable garden,  Terrace,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Washing machine,  Microwave,  Dining room,  Rooms with en-suite bathroom,  Kitchen,  Television,  Lounge.

Services: Cot available.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Isolated area,  Outside the village.

A Quinta

Address:Canada do Peixoto 8

9600-122  Rabo de Peixe


phone and fax351 296 492 662



Casas do Frade

Nordeste|São Miguel

Casas do Frade is a tourism venture located in a privileged zone of São Miguel's island – Nordeste (the northeast).

A magical place where one can see the “birth” of the Sun from the Summit of Sunrise.

Where green earns its significance amid the magnificent Tronqueira mountain range.

Here remnants of the endemic forest, make possible the life of the small "Azorean bullfinch", an extremely rare and unique bird species worldwide.

The pure fresh air blown from Pico da Vara Mountain carries the soft surrounding forest odours.

The sea close by will delight you with its pleasant waters, fishing or simple contemplation of its endless horizons.

Lombo Gordo beach or the natural swimming pool of Boca da Ribeira are great choices for delightful moments between mountain and sea. By-passers marvel at the waterfalls.

All this is available to those who stay at Casas do Frade.

Nine rural houses in local stone, refurbished and adapted to modern-day life, that bring together comfort and commodity with the originality of the Azorean house.

Totally equipped, they are located at the highlands of Lomba da Fazenda, with a great panoramic view. In its adjoining gardens one can appreciate the sounds of nature and taste the calm, pure fresh air.

Casas do Frade include 5 T1 houses and 4 T2 houses. The T1 are – Casa da Pedra (Stone house), Casa dos Barcos (Boat house), Casa do Mirante (Belvedere House), Casa da Bilha (House of the Clay Pot), Casa do Traje (House of the Attire). The T2 are Casa do Forno(House of the Furnace), Casa do Açor (House of the Azorean Buzzard), Casa da Tamanca (House of the Wooden Shoe) and Casa da Figueira (House of the Fig Tree).

The T1 have a double bed room, living room, kitchen and a bathroom.

The T2 have two rooms, one double and one twin, living room, kitchen and a bathroom.

All served private parking garden areas and barbecues.

The ascending of the Peaks of Bartholomew or Vara, the highest point of the island, offers unique moments of grand beauty.

For passionate fishermen we have the town port of Nordeste with its famous (over 130 year old) light house and the Endemic Park of "Pelado", in Lomba da Fazenda village.

Explore the trails, go for walks and enjoy the beauty of the Sossego (peaceful) or Sunrise belvederes.

In the houses’ surrounding areas you can find café, restaurant, bank, hospital, pharmacy, super and mini-market, bakery, butcher, fish market, post office and gardens.

The North East is a most blossoming unforgettable Shangri-La location. Come savour this paradise. Casas do Frade await you.

Casas do Frade

Address:Rua do Triatro

9630-162  Nordeste


phone and fax962 487 001|962 487 003



Ti' José Borges

Lajes|Vila da Praia da Vitória|Terceira

An unforgettable vacation awaits you at Casa Ti´ José Borges, located in the “Ramo Grande” area of Lajes on the island of Terceira, approximately 1 km from the airport and 8 km from the seaport.

The “Ramo Grande” plain, once produced the largest quantity of wheat and corn in the Azores, it is also home to native “Ramo Grande” cattle.

In the summer of 2004, restoration of Casa Ti´ José Borges began. Built primarily of cut stone slabs called “lajes” from which the town gets its name, this historic property is a nineteenth century family house beautifully restored and complete with stone oven and "praying hands” chimney.

In addition to the cozy comfort of wood and natural stone, your vacation home offers a fully equipped kitchen and laundry room, full bath, 2 bedrooms with double beds, and a living room with a sofa bed. An outdoor leisure area welcomes you with fruit trees, native herbs used in local teas from the island, a stone barbecue grill, and private parking.

From your vacation home, you can visit the historic cities of Angra do Heroismo (20 km) and Praia da Vitória (5 km), which has the largest beach in the Azores.

Casa Ti´ José Borges is also an ideal location to enjoy the island’s annual festivals, Sanjoaninas, Festas da Praia, street bull fights, and the famous Terceira Mardi Gras--the only one of its kind in the world.

For those looking to enjoy the relaxing aspect of the island, you will take pleasure in the Atlantic Ocean, rich cuisine, natural wonders, and historic and beautiful landscapes that characterize the island.

Not to mention, this house will offer you the unique experiences of hand milking a cow, using historic tools and parts connected to rural life in “Ramo Grande”, witnessing the entire crop cycle, riding a horse drawn buggy, horseback and donkey back riding.

In Casa Ti´ José Borges, a family or a group of friends will have everything they desire for an unforgettable vacation. This house is a genuine rural delight!

ti jose borges

Address:Rua Tio José Borges,10

9760-279  Lajes


phone and fax295 517 367 Mb: 962 214 034 / 9



Moinho de Pedra

Praia de São Mateus-Rochela |Graciosa

The Windmill was built in l946, for grinding grain, abundant in the island and one of the pillars of the economy of Graciosa

In 2007 was completed its reconstruction and adapted to rural Tourism in Casa de Campo.

Our venture, "Stone Mill" has four apartments:

3 individual T1 apartments (each with bed room, living room, kitchenette and toilets)

1 apartment typology T2, running on two floors of conical body of old windmill and an inner connection to the roof (currently: the living room dining room, kitchenette, 2 bedrooms, and toilet facilities).

Outside: Terrace,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Microwave,  Dining room,  Rooms with en-suite bathroom,  Kitchen,  Television,  Lounge.

Languages: Portuguese.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Quite central,  Tarmac entrance,  Signposted,  Access by public transport.

Moinho de Pedra

Address:Rua dos Moinhos de Vento,28

9880-343 Praia de São Mateus-Rochela


phone and fax351 295 712 501 Mb:917 403 791



Casa do Recato

 Água Retorta|Povoação|São Miguel

It is a house with traditional rustic architecture dating back to the end of XVIII century.

Located southeast of the island, it was recently rebuilt keeping its original characteristics.

It has a Kitchen, with a traditional oven; a bathroom (including towels); a bedroom for a couple (including sheets) and an attic (extra bed).

It has heating and ventilation, the electric equipment and utensils needed to make your meals and for your comfort: fridge, cooker, micro-waves, toaster, washing machine, iron, hair dryer, TV-Satellite, DVD / CD player.

In the grill (that includes firewood) you can have a nice barbecue and at the same time you can profit the beautiful view of the landscape that surrounds the garden, in a 360º angle.

Services: Bike rental,  Cot available,  Information about the area.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Tarmac entrance,  Outside the village,  Signposted,  Access by public transport.  

Casa do Recato

Address:Lomba das Fagundas, 57

9650-050  Água Retorta


phone and fax966201266|966797119



Glicínias do Pico

Lajes do Pico|Pico

Glicinias do Pico, located  in São João, approximately  9 Km from the old whaling village of Lajes do Pico and facing the beautiful deep Blue seaThe North side of São João is protected by the Majestic mountain of "Pico" which  seems to enchant you whenever you look at it.  

Glicinias do Pico, composed by two, three bedroom "country houses" surrounded by green space and a swimming pool  located at the Blue house  welcome to all our guests.          

Casa Azul

3 BedRooms: 2 rooms with double beds,  1 room with 2 twin beds,Kitchen, living room, 2 WC´s Swimming pool on premises welcome to all our guests  

Casa Lilás

3 BedRooms:  3 double beds,Kitchen, living room, 1 WC´s  

Here nature is calling you.

Enjoy the walks through ancestral tracks, bicycle rides, picnics at the lagoons, the challenge of climbing the highest mountain of Portuga at 2351mts, the unforgettable sights of the giant whales and the friendly dolphins.

Pico is no exception to the quality of our gastronomy.  

All of this in the atmosphere of absolute tranquility and glorious beauty, will certainly  transform your stay into a one of a kind memorable experience.

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Terrace,  Swimming pool.

Inside: Microwave,  Heating,  Dining room,  Kitchen,  Television,  Lounge.

Services: Breakfast available,  Cot available.

Languages: Portuguese.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Tarmac entrance.

glicinias do pico

Address:Rua da Igrela, 8 A

9930-428  Lajes do Pico

phone and fax



Monte Inglês

Fajã de Cima|Ponta Delgada|São Miguel

Monte Inglês (English Mount) is situated in the island of São Miguel (Saint Michael), the bigger of the nine islands of the archipelago of the Azores.

 It is situated in the rural community of Fajã de Cima.

It is 3 Km away from downtwn and 4Km away from the local airport.

As refered before, equestrian sport is the main activity, however, one can also enjoy of the participation in the agricultural activity, milks and direction of animals.

Monte Inglês makes use, in the main house of 3 bedrooms (2 double rooms and 1 couple room), pantry for breakfast, living room with panoramic view for the covered arena and reading zone with Internet access.

The apartments T2 in the adjacent zone to the house, with 2 double bedrooms, one of the rooms with private WC and the other of common access.

Living room and duly equipped kitchen.

The living rooms make use of heat recuperators (of firewood), that distribute heat for the bedrooms.

The option of breakfast will have an additional cost of 10 Euros and will have to be confirmed to the date of the reservation.

Outside: Garden.

Inside: DVD or video,  Hi-fi,  Washing machine,  Microwave,  Heating,  Dishwasher,  Dining room,  Rooms with en-suite bathroom,  Kitchen,  Fireplace,  Television,  Library,  Lounge,  Conference room.

Services: Internet access,  Guided walks,  Farm activities.

Languages: English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Tarmac entrance,  Outside the village.

monte ingles

Address:Rua do Monte Inglês, 7

9500-503  Fajã de Cima


phone and fax351 296 306 270 Mb:919 150 946



Casa dos Capelinhos

Capelo Alvará|Horta |Faial

The Casa Capelinhos is composed of two apartments, each corresponding to an independent floor.

The upper one has three bedrooms (two twins, one double), two bathrooms, kitchen combined with lunch/light meal area, sitting-room with satellite TV and an ample dinning-room, complete with china.

The lower floor apartment is equipped with a double bedroom, sitting-room with TV, kitchenette and bathroom.

Besides the spacious, comfortable accommodations, the Casa Capelinhos is equipped with modern electrical appliances, to make yours a comfortable stay.

Furthermore, close at hand are a water fountain and, for the smallest ones, a children's playground.

For family holidays or just to enjoy the company of friends in this unique space, integrated in a rural community already with centenary traditions in the tourism business. the nearby picnic areas, walking trails, natural swimming pools, riding club, restaurants and small shops will certainly enable holidays that will fully energize you for the return to the agitation of the big cities.

Languages: English,  Portuguese.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Tarmac entrance,  Outside the village,  Signposted,  Access by public transport.

Casa dos Capelinhos

Address:Rua do Canto, 45 A

9900-304 Capelo Alvará

phone and fax



Quinta das Figueiras

Rosais|Velas|São Jorge

Quinta das Figueiras is an area of Rural Tourism composed of four different units (T4, T2 and two T1) and pool, offering two double bedrooms which can be disagregated of the identified typology.

It is a fenced area, with ample spaces offering exceptional panoramic views over the São Jorge channel and the island itself, where the highest elevation of Portugal, the Pico Mountain can be mirrored.

This island, together with Faial and São Jorge are land-embraced, providing us the feeling of a large lake, where dolphins and whales kiss the blue sea and golden sunsets cradling us in delightful dreams.

Outside: Garden,  Swimming pool.

Inside: Dining room,  Kitchen,  Lounge.

Languages: Portuguese.

Situation: Close to the beach.

Quinta das Figueiras


9800-203  Rosais


phone and fax351 295438121



Casas da Fajã

Praia do Norte|Horta|Faial

The “Casas da Fajã” are located in the middle of Praia do Norte village, Faial Island, 15 kilometers from Airport and 25 kilometers of Horta city.

Around it stretches a unique landscape where you can breathe pure air and enjoy the great tranquility of nature, a complete mixture of green vineyards, the incense and the beech trees with the Azorean blue sea sprawling on the basaltic sands.


Casa Azul & Verde (4 places): 1 twin room, 1 double room, 1 sofa bed, 1 bathroom

Casa Bordeaux (2 places): 1 double room, 1 sofa bed, 1 bathroom

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Vegetable garden,  Terrace,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Air-conditioning,  Washing machine,  Microwave,  Heating,  Dishwasher,  Dining room,  Kitchen,  Television.

Services: Internet access,  Laundry service,  Bike rental,  Cot available,  Information about the area,  free WiFi access,  Ecological accreditation.

Languages: English,  Portuguese.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Mountains,  Tarmac entrance,  Outside the village,  Signposted.

casas da faja

Address:Rua das Adegas, 3

9900-471  Praia do Norte


phone and fax351 919433863



Quinta Velha das Amoreiras

 Ribeira das Tainhas|Vila Franca do Campo|São Miguel

Quinta Velha das Amoreiras is located at Ribeira das Tainhas, Concelho de Vila Franca do Campo, covering an area of 2.6 hectares, which extends all the way to the sea.

The Houses:

Casa do Alambique has a double bedroom with a balcony, dining and living room with a sofa-bed and wood burning stove, TV, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and two terraces (maximum capacity - 5 people).

This is a self catering cottage with shared grounds and swimming pools.

From the balcony and upper terrace you can enjoy the magnificent view over the sea and islet of Vila Franca do Campo.

All guests have direct access to both swimming pools, the natural one by the sea (200 meters from the houses), the other by the cottages, as well as barbeque and laundry room (washing and dry machine).

The house has also internet, dvd and landline.

Casa do Lagar has a double bedroom, dining and living room with a fireplace, TV, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and a mezzanine with a small lounge and sofa-bed (maximum capacity - 5 people).

This is a self catering cottage with shared grounds and swimming pools.

The grounds and swimming pool have magnificent views over the sea and islet of Vila Franca do Campo.

All guests have direct access to both swimming pools, the natural one by the sea (200 meters from the houses), the other by the cottages, as well as barbeque and laundry room (washing and dry machine).

The house has also internet, dvd and landline.

Casa da Pipa has a double bedroom with a sofa-bed, dining and living room with a fireplace ,TV, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and mezzanine with a small lounge and sofa-bed (maximum capacity - 5 people).

This is a self catering cottage with shared grounds and swimming pools.

The grounds and swimming pool have magnificent views over the sea and islet of Vila Franca do Campo.

All guests have direct access to both swimming pools, the natural one by the sea (200 meters from the houses), the other by the cottages, as well as barbeque and laundry room (washing and dry machine).

The house has also internet, dvd and landline.

Quinta Velha das Amoreiras

Address:Rua das Amoreiras, 20B

9680-502  Ribeira das Tainhas

phone and fax



A Casa do Ouvidor

São Roque do Pico|Pico

Situated on the Azorean island of “Pico”, in “São Roque do Pico” council, with stunning landscapes to the sea and mountains, “A Casa do Ouvidor” is a rural tourism accommodation, in the modality of Country House, where the beauty environment, the nobility of the space associated with the tranquility of the settings allows guests to enjoy unforgettable moments.

The architectural, historical and cultural dignity of the building, dated from the early eighteenth century, ordered by São Roque do Pico ombudsman, forced the implementation of a restoring project, designed by architect Nuno Ribeiro Lopes, that kept the buildings original designs and at the same time offered all the comforts to their guests, creating such a cozy atmosphere that you’ll feel like “A Casa do Ouvidor” is your home.

“A Casa do Ouvidor” consist of three housing units, type T2, overlooking a basalt courtyard above a big lawn, a pool with solarium and an indoor Jacuzzi, where you can relax, enjoying the essential elements for your welfare and health.

The trilogy Land, Sea and Fire always ruled the life of the Azoreans; “A Casa do Ouvidor” pays its tribute to this trilogy, giving the name "House of Fire" "House of Sea" and "House of Land" to the three lodging buildings that constitute it.

Fire, the father of the islands that has repeatedly emerged from the bowels of the earth; It is the pulse of the planet's vitality and the proof of perseverance and determination of the Azorean people.

“House of Fire” results of an “atafona”* adaptation. It has an area of 130.57 m2, distributed over two floors with two bedrooms with private bathrooms, living room with kitchenette and private balcony.

Sea, the vast Atlantic, full of mystery, eternally present, separates and unites us.

“The House of the Sea”, with 197.96 m2, haves, on the first floor, two bedrooms with private bathrooms and on the ground floor a lounge with fireplace, a kitchen and bathroom.

Land it is the fruit of efforts by settlers and their descendants, who worked the rock and from it made a living spring.

“House of Earth”, with 160.12 m2, haves, on the first floor, two bedrooms with private bathrooms and on the ground floor a lounge with fireplace, a kitchen and bathroom.

The rest of the surrounding area, with more than five thousand square meters of land with farm and forest, provide separate living areas (ideal places for reading and contemplation), where different groups can coexist with some privacy without compromising the exceptional landscape that is observed from the house, gardens and the pool.

A Casa do Ouvidor

Address:São Miguel Arcanjo

9940-335  São Roque do Pico

phone and fax



Solar da Glória ao Carmo

Rosto do Cão|Ponta Delgada|São Miguel

A baroque Manor House with more than 300 years of History.

A historical site in the paradisiac island of S. Miguel, Azores – Solar Gloria ao Carmo became a protected architectural landmark by the Ponta Delgada council in 1993.

Staying at the Solar allows you to go back in time to the 17th century, with all the comfort of the 21st.

Situated at the Livramento, a mere 300 metres away we find the Pópulo and Milícias beaches, whose unique volcanic rocks and sands serve as testimony to the island’s unique geologic origins.

Ponta Delgada, the Archipelago’s beautiful capital, is 5 minutes away by car or one hour walk by the Sea.

The Solar gives the option of staying in double room and a suite within the main House, or in separate apartments granting a comfortable and more independent stay.

Come and unwind with us in this Bed and Breakfast where history and nature come together to tell stories, inspire peace and bring wellbeing.

Outside: Garden,  Terrace,  Garden furniture.

Inside: Washing machine,  Microwave,  Heating,  Dining room,  Rooms with en-suite bathroom,  Kitchen,  Fireplace,  Television,  Library,  Lounge.

Services: Internet access,  Laundry service,  Guided walks,  Breakfast available,  Bike rental,  Cot available,  Information about the area,  Dinner service,  Local products on sale,  free WiFi access.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese,  Spanish,  Italian.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Quite central,  Tarmac entrance,  Signposted,  Access by public transport.

solar da gloria ao carmo

Address:Rua da Glória ao Carmo,5, Livramento

9500-618  Rosto do Cão


phone and faxPhone/Fax: (+351) 296 629 847



Ninhos da Terra

Furnas|Povoação|São Miguel

Ninhos da Terra is a two bedroom house in the heart of the Furnas Valley, an enchanted valley on the southwest part of the island of São Miguel.

It is widely known for its hot springs, thermal water springs, gurgling streams, a serene lake, luxurious mountains and breathtaking views… as well as for the ‘Terra Nostra’ Park, a 12 ha botanical garden bearing flora from all over the world and an iron-water thermal swimming pool.

Ninhos da Terra provides accommodation for up to 6 persons, the comfort of a modern house, the beauty of the traditional architecture and the peacefulness of a back garden where — amazing! — there is a hot water spring, perfect for cooking the famous Furnas ‘cozido’ or a fish stew at home.

Ground floor

Double bed bedroom, fully equipped bathroom, living room and kitchen with a wood burning oven, garden.

1º Floor

Open space bedroom with a double bed, two single beds and a cosy corner for reading or relaxing.


Cable TV, DVD player, radio and CD player, internet Wood burning oven, ceramic hob, oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwashing machine, washing machine, toaster, coffee machine, electric kettle, immersion blender, and garbage separation bins Hairdryer, iron, vacuum-cleaner, dehumidifier and electric heating Four bicycles, cot, baby car seat, perambulator (on request, for free) In the garden, barbecue, garden furniture and sun umbrella.

Ninhos da Terra

Address:Rua dos Tijolos, 7

9675-053  Furnas

phone and fax



Quinta Atlantis

Povoação|São Miguel

You wish to stay for a few weeks or longer? You are retired would like to write, to read, to rest in a peaceful and resourceful house?

We offer 5 different rooms, five different spaces all of them spacious and nicely decorated.

Alma Açoreana 1 double room, WC, bathroom

Aurora Borealis 1 double room, WC, bathroom

Asian Memories 1 twin room, WC, bathroom

Hortensia Garden 1 double room

Souvenirs de la Grand-mère 1 double room

We can also offer large family options with Alma Açoreana and Aurora Borealis, 2 adjacent rooms with a large living space with a beautiful view over the sea and the green fields or Souvenirs de Grand-mère and Hortensia Garden on the ground floor.

For disabled people: Room suitable for the disabled.

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Vegetable garden,  Terrace,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Selection of games,  Air-conditioning,  DVD or video,  Hi-fi,  Washing machine,  Microwave,  Heating,  Dishwasher,  Dining room,  Rooms with en-suite bathroom,  Kitchen,  Shared bathroom,  Lounge.

Services: Internet access,  Pets allowed,  Laundry service,  Guided walks,  Breakfast available,  Cot available,  Information about the area,  Activities for children,  Local products on sale.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, German, Luxembourgish and we can share with you a bit of our Italian, Swedish and Finnish.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Quite central,  Outside the village.

Quinta Atlantis

Address:Lomba do Botão 87

9650  Povoação


phone and fax351 296 559 172|351 916 256055



Casa da Ermida

Santo Amaro |Velas|São Jorge

A Casa da Ermida is an House part of the project of Rural Tourism in the Azores, that has a privileged location in the center of the Island of St. Jorge, in the place of Ribeira do Nabo.

Just 3 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the main village of St. Jorge, Velas, offers a stunning view of the famous Pico Island.

This House, through its elegance and good taste is offered as a confortable place of excellence and charm.

This House, with its chapel XVIII century, has been luxuriously restored, acquiring a unique design with a dash of modernism, marked by the use of furniture, clean lines, giving comfort to our guests.

It has three suites, equipped with modern amenities (air conditioning, TV, Internet and "room amenities").

The décor plays the comfort of home and the structure of each suite allows privacy to those who visit us.

The design of the Chapel House can take advantage of the natural landscape, without being in conflict with it.

Dining room and kitchen with completed Living room and library with: - TV /LCD - Internet Barbecue

Casa da Ermida

Address:Rua do Desterro 13

9800-343  Santo Amaro


phone and fax965422539|917894269



Alto da Bonança

Santa Luzia|São Roque do Pico|Pico

The" Alto da Bonança" houses are located 8 Km from the municipality of São Roque, in the parish of Santa Luzia, overlooking the sea and one of the most beautiful fronts to the mountain and to the island of S. Jorge in a landscaped setting par excellence and 4 Km from the airport.

The parish is rich in traditions prevailing a quiet community life, particularly in areas along the coast of Lagido, arches and Kid's name.

The names of these places are derived from active volcanic features that existed for many years.


These two touring units in country houses include:

Main house: T3-6/8 people Housing that develops mainly on the first floor, consisting of two rooms, one (suite), another room with bank bed, dining room and kitchen, common room facing the patio next to the tank, and bathroom.

The zero floor space of the old shop, with access from a stairway inside, is composed of a double room and a recreation room with sofa.

The House has a TV, stereo, kitchen all equipped with dishwasher, microwave oven, fridge, Electric Hob, Toaster, coffee machine.

The ability of housing space is for five people.

The "Atafona"(granary):

With two T1- 2/4 people 1st floor, with connection to a courtyard facing the mountain, consists of a double bedroom, bathroom with shower cabin, lounge/dining room with sofa bed, a kitchenette equipped with Electric Hob, fridge, toaster and coffee maker.

The r/c floor is composed of a double room with bathroom and shower cabin, with lounge/dining room with sofa, kitchenette equipped with electric plate, a whole refrigerator, Toaster, coffee maker.

This part of the House has a private courtyard. For any of us may be housing the crib.

For any of houses is possible to provide cots.

Outside: Barbecue,  Vegetable garden,  Terrace,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Services: Pets allowed,  Laundry service,  Information about the area,  Babysitting.

Languages: Portuguese.

Situation: Tarmac entrance,  Outside the village,  Signposted.

alto da bonanca

Address:Rua Alto da Bonança, 81

9940-101  Santa Luzia


phone and fax351 967436865



Quinta Nossa Senhora de Lourdes

São Vicente Ferreira|Ponta Delgada|São Miguel

Nestled in the heart of the country-side, our Quinta is perfectly located for the weekend break or a leisurely  holiday.

Our  Quinta has double rooms with direct acess to the garden and to the terrace.

The house has also a spacious and comfortable living room with games ,bar and TV.

The guests have the opportunity to participate in the rural works of the farm.Bicycles  area available to our guests enjoy the surroundings.

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Vegetable garden,  Terrace,  Swimming pool,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Selection of games,  Hi-fi,  Heating,  Dining room,  Rooms with en-suite bathroom,  Kitchen,  Television,  Lounge.

Services: Internet access,  Pets allowed,  Laundry service,  Guided walks,  Breakfast available,  Bike rental,  Cot available,  Information about the area,  Babysitting,  Activities for children,  Local products on sale,  Farm activities,  free WiFi access,  Ecological accreditation.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese.

Situation: Tarmac entrance,  Outside the village,  Signposted,  Access by public transport.

Quinta Nossa Senhora de Lourdes

Address:Rua da Igreja, 132

9545-531  São Vicente Ferreira

phone and fax



Adega do Gato

Piedade|Lajes do Pico|Pico

The Adegas are located in the locality of Calhau, Piedade, Municipality of Lajes do Pico

The Adegas were originally the houses where our ancestors produced the traditional Pico wine, the vinho de cheiro.

The Adega do Gato

The house has a wonderfull panoramic view over the ocean where one can see the islands São Jorge and Terceira.

The surrounding landscape invites to walks and trekking and is located near to the natural swimming pools of Calhau.

The house can host up to six persons

The house has: 2 bedrooms,A living room with a pull-out sofa bed,Kitchen, Bathroom

The house is equipped with:TV.CD.  Washing machine,Coffee machine.microwave

Outside:barbecue.parking. garden.

The Adega Nunes

The house has a lookout where you can have breakfast providing a wonderfull view over the ocean and the islands São Jorge and Terceira

The house is equipped with a solar system for hot water and electricity. It has:2 bedrooms,A living room with a pull-out sofa bed,Kitchen, Bathroom

Outside:barbecue.parking. garden.

Adega do Gato


9930-204  Piedade


phone and fax351 292 666 340 Mb:19 248 709



Quinta do Canto


Located in an area of farming, the Quinta do Canto end of the twentieth century was a house of farming, during the 2º war because of its space was used by the military who have settled here, this Quinta has a legend that gave its name from the street where you are.

Today, in the twenty-first century, the Quinta do Canto was restored and became an open space to receive people on this island where the rest demand quality, comfort and hospitality are words of order.

The Quinta do Canto is located in the center of the island of Faial, the town Flamengos to three kilometres from the city of Horta.

It is near the boiler where you can make beautiful walks.

This Quinta is formed by three houses: we have 6 bed rooms equipped with private toilet, telephone, air conditioning and cable TV. In the main house are served breakfast.

At home there is a suite of Eira. In the third section does the laundry.

Besides the houses have discovered an area of 6 alqueiros of land where there is a fifth with various trees, fruit, recreation areas, surrounded by fences made with camélias, hibiscos and many flowers.

The threshing floor where the past is malhavam cereals today is transformed into an esplanade.

The walls of stone and in the last century continue to protect the fifth making it very reserved.

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Vegetable garden,  Terrace,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Air-conditioning,  Heating,  Dining room,  Television in the rooms,  Rooms with en-suite bathroom,  Kitchen,  Fireplace,  Television,  Lounge,  Rooms with phone.

Services: Internet access,  (public) Restaurant,  Guided walks,  Breakfast available,  Bike rental,  Information about the area,  Dinner service,  Local products on sale,  free WiFi access.

Languages: English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Tarmac entrance,  Outside the village,  Access by public transport.

Quinta do Canto

Address:Rua Lomba Cruz do Bravo, 2

9900-401  Flamengos

phone and fax



Quinta da Mó

Furnas|Povoação|São Miguel

In the warm heart of the island of São Miguel be inspired by the mysticism of the Furnas Valley.

Set in a green-blue breathtaking, where the soil has the taste and the time goes to the sound of a stream that once did turn the millstone of the Fifth Millstone calls to the five senses and the close connection with nature in the land raw state.

The Quinta da Mó is surrounded by a grove of exotic plants, is crossed by a river and taken, also has a small dam, where you can find several varieties of fish.

It is an idyllic place, a haven of calm, ideal for those seeking peace and tranquility.

‘Quinta da Mó offers 3 houses with 1 bedroom (T1) built over stone pillars and overlaid with wood, with large windows over the garden and the brook.

There are private wooden decks in front of the houses furnished with tables and chairs and parasols, providing perfect insertion in the natural scenery.

They have a full equipped kitchen, a living room with TV-set, net cable, allowing to entertain 2 + 2 people.

There is also 1 house with 3 bedrooms (T3)in a restored watermill.

The design of the interiors combined with the modern spirit and the Azorean soul result in high comfort.

Room for 6 people:

2 double bedrooms with on e bed, private bathroom, wardrobes, dressing table and hair dryer.

1 double bedroom with two individual beds with private bathroom

1 living room with TV-set, net cable, DVD, game table, reading corner and sitting area

Fully equipped kitchen with stove, oven micro-wave, refrigerator, dish washing machine, various electrical equipment.


Two bridges, barbecue area and pergola overseeing the brook. Exterior Jacuzzi with warm water.

Services: Internet access,  Pets allowed,  Laundry service,  Bike rental,  Cot available,  Information about the area,  Dinner service,  free WiFi access.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese.

Situation: Close to the beach,  Tarmac entrance,  Outside the village,  Signposted,  Access by public transport.

quinta da mo

Address:Rua da Água Quente 66

9675-040  Furnas

phone and fax



Casa da Igreja Velha

Ponta Delgada |São Miguel

Its central location - but out -of-the way, for a greater peace of mind - provides quick access to cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, post-office, police station, pharmacy, bank or bakery.

Above all, the house is almost next door( about 3 minutes’ walk ) from the Terra Nostra Park, one of the most beautiful botanical parks in the world (in the words of Condé Nast Travel); Poça da Beija (5 min walk), a natural pool with thermal water, and a 10 -minute walk along a wide boulevard from de hot springs, emblematic of the local hydrological and thermal wealth of the island.

Not far away, 6 km, in the parish of Ribeira Quente, lies "Praia do Fogo ",a beach with waters heated by fumaroles and 11 km you can find the village of Povoação, the county seat.

The Furnas golf course, with its 18 holes, is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world and is only a 5- minutes drive from the house.

A Casa da Igraja Velha is a high quality, comfortable experience in an Azorean typical house surrounded by nature.

The house offers a fully equipped kitchen, living room, dining room, 3 bedrooms, two with double bed and one with two single beds, two bathrooms (one with access to the garden) and a pleasant garden with endemic plants, fully walled, perfect for children to play safely.

All rooms are heated and the room you can relax to the sound of crackling of the stove. Among the facilities of the house include: satellite TV, sound system HI-FI, small library, games room, bicycles and even golf clubs (if requested).

It is also possible to pre-booking of activities such as whale watching, horseback riding and jeep excursions, and diving, canoeing.

Casa da Igreja Velha

Address:Avenida Infante D. Henrique, bloco 1, 2º Esq

9504-527 Ponta Delgada


phone and fax00351 296307190 Mb:917205468



Pico do Refúgio

Rabo de Peixe|Ribeira Grande|São Miguel

Pico do Refúgio has recently been renovated between October 2005 and August 2008. The project consisted on the remodulation of the mansions infra-structure and the old tea factory.

Now contain apartments for lodging, a scuba diving school and public spaces.

The renovation was performed preserving the exterior outline and original function of each building.

In this process were built the Country Houses of Pico do Refúgio, eight T1 houses ranging in between 600 and 1184 square feet spread around two different areas of the farm. These are either “Loft” or “Apartaments.

On the old tea factory “Ataíde”, you can find the Lounge as well as three lofts and 3 apartments.

About 800 meters away, on the top of the hill (pico), near the main mansion, there are another two lofts.

The Lofts are larger, with a high ceiling and can take up two extra beds. The Apartments are smaller houses that can take only one extra bed.

All our houses have bathroom, kitchen, cable TV and an outdoor locker to dry and stow diving or surf gear.

One of the Lofts is adapted for guests with locomotion disabilities.

All the houses have cable TV and kitchen. The lounge is fitted with TV, telephone, fax, photocopy, wireless internet and a meeting room with video projector.

In every houses there is pieces of art from: Pedro Duarte Jorge, Inês Norton. Some of these works are for sale.


- throughout the farm we have several domestic animals, including dogs, cats, chickens and cows;

- pets are not allowed.

pico do refugio

Address:Roda do Pico, 5

9600-095  Rabo de Peixe


phone and fax296 491 062



Cantinho do Céu

Santa Luzia|São Roque do Pico|Pico

Cantinho do Céu, on Pico Island – Azores is a Rural Tourism house, in which tradition and modernity give hands to satisfy the comfort of our guests.

Enjoy a few days in a unique atmosphere; get in touch with the unspoiled Azorean nature and spend some active or relaxing holidays near Pico Island’s Vineyard Culture Protected Landscape, inscribed on the list of the World Heritage sites, by UNESCO. On your arrival we will welcome you with a bouquet of typical products from Pico Island.

This is our way to tell you: “Make yourself at home; you are among friends.”

Cantinho do Céu is located in the outskirts of the rural village of Santa Luzia, 500 metres from Lajido, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List as part of the Landscape of Pico Island Vineyard Culture, as a Cultural Landscape.

Capacity: 4 people

Kitchen and living-room

1 bedroom with a twin bed

1 bedroom with two beds

2 bathrooms

Other features:

A small house to be used as an atelier for different categories of artists, and which can also be used as a small gallery

Barbecue area and laundry

cantinho do ceu

Address:Lajido do Meio, 2

9950-232  Santa Luzia


phone and faxTel./Fax:  351 292 622 162