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Casa de Fataunços


Located on the north side of the Caramulo mountains, this XVIII century manor house offers a magnificent view over the Arada and Gralheira mountains and, on its gardens, a calm and pleasent atmosphere.

In addition to the contact with nature, the discovery of historical points of interest and thermal activities are possible due to the proximity of Vouzela, Viseu and the S. Pedro do Sul spa.

The house, a mansion dated from the 18th century, is located in Fataunços, a small and well preserved village, 22 km from the Beira Alta capital district, Viseu.

It has 9 guest rooms with private bath and central heating.

The gardens offer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Facilities include swimming-pool, tennis court and indoor games (snooker, table tennis, chess).

Evening meals, as well as light lunches, will be served, subject to pre-booking.

Services: Internet access,  Breakfast available,  Bike rental,  Information about the area,  Lunch service,  Dinner service,  Activities for children.

Languages: Catalan,  French,  English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Signposted.  

casa de fatauncos

3670-095  Fataunços


phone and faxTelef.  Fax: 351 232 772 697



Casa da Nascente

Sazes da Beira|Seia|Guarda

Located in Old Sazes, 18 km from the county seat, Seia, de Casa da Nascente is located in the Natural park of Serra da Estrela.

Surrounded by a beautiful countryside in a valley surrounded by terraced hills worked shale that still serve to support agriculture and pastoralism.

It is part of a group of houses in a small village with only 11 inhabitants and is the result of the recovery of an ancient dwelling. Here you will find a calm and full privacy.

The garden that surrounds the receiver tank has a water source, which also adorn the garden, can be used as a children's pool.

Here you can also reap the fruits of the season, such as the grape nuts and cherry.

Come in, enjoy each of the corners and make your reservation.

The home features, plus room and equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms, ideal for groups from 4 to 8 people.

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Vegetable garden,  Terrace,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Washing machine,  Microwave,  Heating,  Dishwasher,  Dining room,  Rooms with en-suite bathroom,  Kitchen,  Fireplace,  Television,  Lounge.

Services: Internet access,  Bike rental,  Information about the area,  free WiFi access.

Languages: Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Tarmac entrance.

Casa da Nascente

Address:Sazes Velho

6270-351  Sazes da Beira


phone and fax351 238951243 |227823735 | 917829529



Casa da Portaria

 São João de Tarouca|Viseu

Country tourism house in the Alto Douro region, it’s an ancient building located in one of the old entrances of the S. João de Tarouca Monastery grounds.

It was rebuilt in 2002, has 6 double bedrooms, 3 with private W.C., one main kitchen and another to serve the patio and the saloon, one living room, one saloon with 90m2, and 2.000m2 of gardens and farm.

At 100 meters there’s the Varosa River that goes to the Douro River, and has pure water, falls, mills and springs, ideal for long strolls.

At 50 m you have the S. João de Tarouca Monastery, founded in 1139, with its magnificent architecture, golden carved wood and old Grão Vasco paintings, including the famous S. Pedro painting.

During your stay you can also tour the Douro River, by boat or steam train, as well as visit the Port Wine producers, seeing how it’s made and tasting some of the best wines in the world.

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Terrace,  Swimming pool,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Selection of games,  DVD or video,  Hi-fi,  Washing machine,  Microwave,  Heating,  Dishwasher,  Dining room,  Television in the rooms,  Rooms with en-suite bathroom,  Kitchen,  Fireplace,  Television,  Lounge,  Rooms with phone,  Fireplace inside the room.

Services: Internet access,  Pets allowed,  Guided walks,  Bike rental,  Cot available,  free WiFi access.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Tarmac entrance,  Signposted.

Casa da Portaria

3610-082  São João de Tarouca


phone and fax351 96 625 3363



Casas Serranas


A mountain house at Aldeias, near the town of Gouveia, on the way to the heart of Serra da Estrela.

The ideal place to relax, restore your energy and rediscover long lost sensations, still alive in this rural village.

Where time is still measured by the sun: sunrise, noon, sunset...

The recovery of the traditional building, with a balance between wood and yellow granite from the region, keeps the "memory" of the house, with a comfortable environment.


Casa de São Cosmado (4 pax): 1 twin room, 1 double room, 1 sofa bed, 3 bathrooms.

Casa da Serra (4 pax): 1 twin room, 1 double room, 1 sofa bed, 2 bathrooms.

Casa do Lagarinho (2 pax): 1 double room, 1 sofa bed, 1 extra bed, 2 bathrooms.

Outside: Garden,  Terrace,  Garden furniture.

Inside: Selection of games,  Microwave,  Heating,  Dining room,  Rooms with en-suite bathroom,  Kitchen,  Shared bathroom,  Fireplace,  Television,  Lounge.

Services: Pets allowed,  Cot available,  Information about the area.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Tarmac entrance,  Signposted,  Near ski resorts.

Casas Serranas

Address:Rua Eira das Bichas

6290-012  Aldeias


phone and fax351 96 504 4172



Casa Retiro de Xisto


A rural village, amongst a group of historic villages, with a population of large sheep and goat herds, the good artisanal cheese of the Serra, the rye, potato and chestnut production.

Welcoming people who know how to keep their traditions alive.

Casa Retiro do Xisto has:

2 Double Rooms,Bathroom,Complete Kitchen (cooker, oven, fridge, toaster),Living/dining room with hearth, sofa and TV.

Services: Pets allowed,  Cot available.

Languages: English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Tarmac entrance.  

Casa Retiro de Xisto

Address:Rua da Igreja

6300-245 Videmonte


phone and fax351 239 445 407 | 914 381 254



Casas Folgosinho


The Casas Folgosinho (Rural Tourism / Tourism Village) are located in Serra da Estrela, in the typical village Folgosinho, in the County of Gouveia, where natural beauty and gastronomy, alone, are worth exploring...

In the center of Folgosinho, in Largo Quintã, where once took also place traditional dances and popular festivities, there are located two houses (House of Balcão and House of Tazém), and another one next to the Castle esplanade (House of Castellum).

And every visitor goes up to the belvedere Castle, to take a "small and fresh breath" (that´s the meaning of the word "Folgosinho") there and dazzle in all directions the most beautiful and far horizons that impress our view.

All cottages offer the exterior and interior characteristics of a typical welcoming village.

The exterior facade is made of granite and a cozy interior, comfortable and always with a personal touch of Folgosinho.


Casa do Balcão (4 Pax) (2 places): 1 double room, 1 sofa bed, 1 WC .

Casa do Castellum (6 Pax) (4 places): 2 double rooms, 1 sofa bed, 1 WC.

Casa de Tazém (6 Pax) (2 places): 1 double room, 4 sofa bed, 1 WC .

Inside: Microwave,  Heating,  Dining room,  Kitchen,  Shared bathroom,  Fireplace,  Television.

Services: Pets allowed.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Outside the village,  Near ski resorts.

Casas Folgosinho

6290-000  Folgosinho

phone and fax



Casa da Ladeira

Estreito|Ameixoeira|Oleiros|Castelo Branco

Casa da Ladeira, as it was known in Ameixoeira was part of our childhood, teenage years and youth.

Retyping the place was a dream that has today come true.

Casa da Ladeira was full of souvenirs a special one being the little room in which the linen produced in the nearby fields was winded and fixed on the wall before being fed into the loom located at the back of the house.

Casa da Ladeira - a refined and high quality accommodation. It consists of 4 bedrooms (3 double and 1 twin), all with TV, private bathroom, air conditioning.

All have the amenities and quality bedding needed to relax in a peaceful environment, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room.

Outside, you will find a Zen space with a saltwater pool for moments of relaxation and leisure, a barbecue, a wood oven, a garden and fruit trees typical of the region.

If you are looking for genuine natural values, traditional dining and socializing with straightforward and friendly people in the region, you have reached the right place!

Casa da Ladeira, is a charming place to share with your family or your friends.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese.

Situation: Mountains,  Tarmac entrance,  Access by public transport.

casa da ladeira

Address:Rua da Fonte

6160-101  Estreito


phone and fax351 932 545 722



Casas da Vila


The Casa Santa Isabel is a rural tourism House located in the city of Sabugal, Portugal.

Moth old house completely remodeled, located in old town next to the castle in the village in Largo Santa Maria De Fatima.

It offers 2 double bedroom with TV, 1 bathroom, 1 fully equipped kitchen, 1 living room with sofas and TV.

Capacity for 4 people

The Casa do Triste is a rural tourism House located in the city of Sabugal, Portugal.

Moth old house completely remodeled, located in old town near the Door of the village in Largo Santo Condestável

Offers 1 double bedroom with TV, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room with sofa bed and TV.

Capacity for 2 people.

Casa d. Dinis is a rural tourism House located in the city of Sabugal, Portugal.

Moth old house completely remodeled, located in old town near the Door of the village in Largo Santo Condestável

Offers 1 double bedroom with TV, 1 bathroom, 1 fully equipped kitchen, 1 living room with sofa bed and TV.

Capacity for 2 people.

Outside: Terrace,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: DVD or video,  Hi-fi,  Microwave,  Heating,  Television in the rooms,  Kitchen,  Shared bathroom,  Fireplace,  Television,  Lounge.

Services: Internet access,  (public) Restaurant,  Cot available,  Information about the area,  Local products on sale,  free WiFi access.

Languages: French,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Quite central,  Tarmac entrance,  Signposted,  Near ski resorts.

Casas da Vila

Address:Bairro S. Pedro,13

6320-052  Sabugal


phone and fax00351 918681770



Retiro da Lameira

Santa Comba de Seia|Guarda

Retiro da Lameira, in an area of marshes, olive groves and vineyards, overlooking the mountains of Estrela, Açor, Caramulo.

It is a House with 2 floors which offers 2 double bedrooms, double; that is, each room has a double bed and a mezzannine with one single bed.

The idea is to accommodate in each room a couple, with one or two children over (more can be placed an extra bed on a mezzanine).

The capacity is 6 or 7 people at most.

The home also has 2 bathrooms, one per floor, kitchen with vitroceramic hobs, electric oven and microwave.

Central heating from wood burning stove the bottom floor, allowing you to acquire a very warm environment, overlooking the snow in the Sierra.

It's called Retiro da Lameira, for being an ideal place to rest.

Services: Guided walks,  Breakfast available,  Bike rental,  Cot available,  Information about the area.

Languages: English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Isolated area,  Outside the village,  Near ski resorts.  

Retiro da Lameira

6270-184  Santa Comba de Seia


phone and fax969012790|960217086|238314408



Refugio da Cascata da Cabreia

Silva Escura|Sever do Vouga|Aveiro

Located in the small rural village of Silva Escura, integrated in a region of great natural beauty, the Refuge of Cabreia is a typical mountain refuge, inserted on the hillside of serra with privileged views to the village of Aldeia de Silva Escura, Serra do Arestal, mount Telegrafo  and Vale do Rio Mau, where are situated the waterfall of Cabreia, and the ruins of Minas do Braçal.


Refúgio da Cabreia (6 places): 2 twin rooms, 1 double room, 2 bathrooms.

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Vegetable garden,  Terrace,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Selection of games,  Microwave,  Dishwasher,  Dining room,  Kitchen,  Shared bathroom,  Television,  Lounge.

Services: Guided walks,  Bike rental,  Information about the area,  Local products on sale.

Languages: German,  Catalan,  French,  English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Tarmac entrance.

Refugio da Cascata da Cabreia

Address:Lugar da Bouça

3740-338  Silva Escura


phone and fax351 965 643 348



Casa Cimeira


The House is inserted in the middle of the Lousã mountains.

Situated 10 km from the town of Lousa, and 35 km from Coimbra.

An ideal place to enjoy nature, well-being, and a well-deserved rest.

Close to ribeira do Candal, is possible to be home and feel the constant murmur of the water chain.

The perfect retreat for rest, relax, think or meditate, where time is not owner of the time.

With 3 bedrooms, all with double bed, the House has a maximum capacity up to 6 people, being the price according to the number of persons and occupied rooms.

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Terrace,  Garden furniture.

Inside: Selection of games,  DVD or video,  Hi-fi,  Microwave,  Dining room,  Kitchen,  Shared bathroom,  Fireplace,  Television,  Library,  Lounge.

Services: Information about the area.

Languages: English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Tarmac entrance.

Casa Cimeira


3200-067  Lousã


phone and fax351918194544



Casa de Xisto


Fully restored stone country house of the shale region and all furnished, along the ribeira de Alge.

The House consists of 2 floors and a mesanine. A large living room with a fully equipped kitchenette and a toilet.

Has access to a fenced outdoor patio with barbecue.

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Terrace,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Selection of games,  DVD or video,  Microwave,  Heating,  Dishwasher,  Dining room,  Kitchen,  Shared bathroom,  Fireplace,  Television.

Services: Pets allowed,  Cot available,  Information about the area.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Tarmac entrance,  Outside the village,  Signposted.

Casa de Xisto

Address:Pardieiros - Fundeiros

3230-105  Espinhal


phone and fax351 234 608 308 Mb: 965 168 855



Casa da Amendoeira

Castelo Rodrigo|Guarda

Casa da Amendoeira is a traditional Portuguese house , part of a medieval agglomeration, located in Castelo Rodrigo classified as a village that belongs to the network of Historical Villages of Portugal.

Enjoy a fantastic stay, where the architectural heritage and nature are the richness of this magnificent house situated in the historic village of Castelo Rodrigo.

In “Casa da Amendoeira” there are small details that have been thought to welcome you in greater comfort.

Attractive decoration, melodious, gives you pleasant moments.

There are four double rooms, three of which have panoramic views and overlooking the inner courtyard.

Equipped with a comfortable King size bed or two single beds (twin), with 32” LCD TV, climatized environment, functional workspace with internet access (Wi-Fi), safe box, minibar, bathroom with shower, hairdryer and dry towels .

In the rooms of Casa da Amendoeira feel the safety and comfort of a space created for unique moments and restful.

For disabled people: Room suitable for the disabled.  

Services: Internet access,  Breakfast available,  Cot available,  Information about the area,  Dinner service,  free WiFi access.

Languages: English,  Portuguese,  Galician,  Spanish.

Situation: Mountains,  Quite central.

Casa da Amendoeira

Address:Rua do Relógio, 2

6440-031  Castelo Rodrigo


phone and fax351 271 313 053 Mb: 969 774 085



Casas do Juizo


The «Casas do Juízo» is a tourist complex consisting of 5 houses featuring 8 double beds.Room suitable for the disabled.

All houses have fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning and electric boiler.

The recovery was based, both internally and externally, by maintaining the original character with predominantly yellow granite.

The houses surround a farmyard and inserted in closed condominium located in the village center.

In this condominium we have a shed, a terrace glass covering, 2 fountains, 1 backyard, 1 well for rainwater use, 2 common bathrooms.

As a complement there are 5 houses, greenhouse, vegetable garden, fruit trees, warehouses, garages.

Of the 5 houses we highlight the Reception house set in an ancient wine press and house meals.

The Mine located on a water mine which provides a unique environment for meals.

Outside: Garden,  Barbecue,  Vegetable garden,  Terrace,  Garden furniture,  Car-parking facilities.

Inside: Air-conditioning,  Hi-fi,  Washing machine,  Microwave,  Heating,  Dining room,  Rooms with en-suite bathroom,  Kitchen,  Fireplace,  Television,  Lounge.

Services: Internet access,  Pets allowed,  Laundry service,  Breakfast available,  Information about the area,  Babysitting,  Activities for children,  Local products on sale,  Farm activities,  free WiFi access.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese,  Spanish.

Situation: Outside the village,  Signposted.

Casas do Juizo

Address:Rua de São Lourenço,Vale do Côa

6400-145  Juizo

phone and fax



Casa de Castelo Novo

Castelo Novo|Fundão|Castelo Branco

Located within a 17th-century house, Casa de Castelo Novo offers rooms with direct garden access in Serra da Gardunha slopes, a 10-minute drive from Fundão.

Rooms at Castelo Novo are individually furnished and feature dark wood furniture or cushioned headboards.

Some accommodations are spread over 2 floors and include a tiled stove.

It features free Wi-Fi in public areas.

Breakfast is served daily in the breakfast room and guest can enjoy a book in the sitting room or in the garden.

There are a few dining options in the village.

Bicycles can be arranged for guests to explore the surrounding area at their own pace, and the natural scenery is perfect for a leisurely walk.

Languages: French,  English,  Portuguese,  Spanish,  Italian.

Situation: Mountains,  Quite central.  

Pets allowed

Casa de Castelo Novo

Address:Rua Nossa Sra. das Graças, 7

6230-160  Castelo Novo


phone and fax351 919636032