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Do.Vino de la Tierra de Cangas
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The winemaking tradition of the region southwest of Asturias dates back to the ninth century.

With the emergence of the first monasteries, agricultural development spread out, leading to greater exploitation of available soil, and vines occupied part of the site.

The liturgical needs of those communities were crucial in the development of viticulture.

The area of grapes production for winemaking protected by the Denomination Cangas, consists of the land considered particularly suitable -based on purely technical criteria- for the production of the necessary quality grapes and they are located in the municipalities of: Allande, Cangas del Narcea, Degaña, Grandas de Salime, Ibias, Illano, Pesoz and parts belonging to the municipality of Tineo.

In production areas of Cangas Quality Wines, landscape is rugged and mountainous. Settled on its slopes we find vineyards, on steep slopes which make their maintenance and cultivation so difficult, heroic. Visiting the area is like go back to the past: forests and ancient vineyards, traditional trades....

A mixture of tradition and development in viticulture results, in wine, getting a top quality raw material.

The high mountain vineyard is characterized by:

• Cultivation of vines in mountain areas, altitude above 500 meters up from sea level.

• Cultivation on steep slopes, areas with more than 30% decline.

• Vineyards in small properties, in plots.

• Viñas en terrazas de cultivo.

The wines, Wine rated Cangas Quality, present the organoleptic characteristics of traditional wines of the area, in terms of color, aroma and flavor, looking clean, bright and right balance alcohol / acidity.