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Do.Vino de la Tierra de Liebana
Rural Accommodation









The region of Liébana is isolated from the rest of the environment through high mountains giving it a completely different characteristics to which predominate in the whole of Cantabria. Far from being a rainy area marked by the Atlantic climate typical of this region, the mountainous fence that delimits it makes of Liébana a region with a drier climate, but with so many differences in altitude that can coexist very diverse ecosystems in different climates.

That's one of the reasons why in this valley there is good wine and, despite its latitude, mainly red. In that it has similarities with the Leonese area of el Bierzo and also by the sheer of the terrain, with the Galician Ribeira Sacra, two appellations of origin that have as main variety to Mencia as Liébana.

Asserts that wines from Liébana have similarities with the of the Bierzo and "not only because we use the same breed of grape, but also because, in terms of weather conditions, this area looks more to Castile to Cantabria".