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Spain has a long history of producing wine, yet wines from Spain tend to be less well known internationally than French and Italian wines. As a result, Spanish wine can be very reasonably priced and is well worth learning more about. You may be surprised that Spain has the most land dedicated to growing vines than any other country! Classification of Spanish quality wines:

DOCa Denominación de Origen Calificada This category originated in 1991 and is the highest quality category for Spanish wine. Only Rioja and recently also the Priorat wine region received DOCa status. The wines must be bottled in the wine region.

DO Denominación de Origen The second category for Spanish wine is DO, similar to the French AOC, which includes the most well-known classical Spanish wines. The wines have to meet the requirements of the Consejo Regulador (Supervision of the individual wine regions), who then decides if a wine-maker is entitled to use the DO label for his wine.

DO Pago Stays for a single property. The wine is made in one property in one small area.

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