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Growing grapes and making wine is a tradition rooted in the Madrid region since the thirteenth century, although it is likely that vineyards already existed long before that time.

The combined effort of growers and producers to modernize the wineries, improve processing and create high quality wines culminated in 1990 with the establishment of the Regulatory Council and the creation of the Denomination of Origin Wines of Madrid (Vinos de Madrid), currently the only capital of a country that gives its name to a denomination of origin for wine.

Among the main grape varieties grown in the region, some that have a long tradition and are the most well-known, include the Albillo located in the subarea of San Martin de Valdeiglesias, the Tempranillo, the Malvar, the Airen or Garnacha in a large part of the Madrid´s vineyards, that have been in existence for many decades.

Also, due to the climate and production area of wine in Madrid, foreign varieties such as Syrah or Cabernet Savignon have positively contributed to the expansion of quality, richness and variety of Madrid´s wines.

Grape varieties authorized by the DO Wines of Madrid.

White: Airen, Albillo, Malvar, Parellada, Torrontes, Viura O Macabeo, Moscatel De Grano Menudo.

Red: Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha Tinta , Merlot, Tempranillo (Or Tinto Fino) , Syrah .

The last decade has been crucial for establishing this tendency, as, since the beginning of the XXI century, Madrid’s wines have been competing in the best restaurants´ wine lists.

This is an important fact, but not just due to the increase of consumption of these quality wines.

The sales forecasts predict an increasing home consumption, along European lines.

For that reason, Madrid’s wine should occupy a vantage point in order to reclaim its position among the country’s best wines and regain the prestige it used to have a long time ago.


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