Classification of table wines

VdlT Vino de la Tierra Wines from regions with no DO status as yet, but with an identifiable regional character.

VC Vino Comarcal Areas that have no great claims on quality.

VdM Vino de Mesa Vino de Mesa is wine made from grapes from unclassified areas or blended from different classified areas. Usually without vintage.

Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva

Crianza: Total stored 24 months, al least 6 months in oak.

Reserva : Total stored 36 months, al least 12 months in oak.

Gran Reserva : Total stored 60 months, al least 24 months in oak

Figures and facts about Spanish wine

Total surface area of wine in Spain :652,359 ha

Total produced wine : 11,590,455 hl

By type of wine:

Red wine : 6,347,866 hl.

White wine : 1,582,689 hl.

Rosé : 647,626 hl.

Cava : 1,692,667 hl.

Liqueur : 967,999 hl.