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White, red and sweet wines from the three denominations of origin that are officially recognised - Alicante, Utiel- Requena and Valencia-, added to those produced in the Beniarrés area, to the North of Alicante, and the wines of Castellón, that enjoy the Protected Geographical Indications Vino de la tierra de Castelló an indication that covers three wine-producing regions: Alto Palancia-Alto Mijares, Sant Mateu and Les Useres- Vilafamés, which go well together with the respective cuisines of the area.

Using monastrell and tempranillo grapes, to which other varieties such as cabernet-sauvignon, merlot and syrah have been added, Alicante province manages to achieve very straightforward, fruity wines with medium bodies and outstanding tannin levels.

There is a famous Alejandría muscatel wine, some very pleasing white wines, either dry or sweet, and fragrant fruity wines.

Modern sweet muscatels from La Marina Alta are the pride of the district.

Another quality Alicante wine is called Fondillón, a typical old maderised white wine with a high alcohol content, rich and red in its early stages but turning amber following barrel maturation, made from grapes drenched by the sun and held up on cane supports, some of which are also ideal as dessert grapes.

In Utiel-Requena, where the red bobal grape thrives in the company of tempranillo and other improvers (cabernet-sauvignon and merlot), increasingly attractive reds and rosés are being obtained.

The rosés are balanced and fresh, with an agreeable flavour, and the reds have medium full bodies, savoury and elegant with all the characteristics of the finest Spanish wines.

Also noteworthy are the wines produced in the 66 municipalities in the Valencia denomination of origin, an area encompassing four sub-zones – Alto Turia, Clariano, Moscatel de Valencia and Valentino – with a Mediterranean climate enjoying variable sea influences, giving rise to highly-appreciated whites, rosés and reds exported throughout Europe.

These quality wines enjoy increasing recognition, and combine well with recipes from the Land of Valencia.

Ref: Comunitat Valenciana